Live Training Sessions and Workshops

Move with speed and scale — without burning out.

Your team doesn’t have to struggle…

More and more teams today are dealing with burnout which leads to:

Increased healthcare costs

Higher turnover rates

Lower employee engagement

Yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

"Amazing Training Session"

My live training sessions and workshops make sure that you can still operate with scale and efficiency while giving your teams the peace of mind they deserve.

Course List: For agendas and more info please email me. I can customize  courses that meet your goals.

Stress Less and Get More Done: Mastering Stress Management

The Productivity Puzzle: Crack the Code to Success

From Conflict to Collaboration: Resolving Workplace Tension

Bouncing Back Stronger: Building Mental Resilience in Tough Times

The Leadership Leap: First-Time Manager Success Strategies

Proactive Account Management: A Strategic Approach

Tackling Tough Talks: A Guide to Mastering Difficult Conversations

Breaking Free from Digital Overload: Proven Tactics for Conquering Distractions

My Standard Package Includes:

30 Minute Kickoff Call

Two 90 Minute Live Sessions

Team-wide “Stress Test” with Results

30 Minutes Recap Session

3 Follow up content Emails to keep the conversation going

Surveys to measure progress and results

How It Works

Step One: Discovery

I can only help if I know about your issues. In. This phase we have a 30 minute discussion to understand more background about your company, what challenges you face and what your goals are.

If we decide to work together, I send out a “stress test” to your team to determine your team top needs and priorities and build a custom training plan.

Step Two: Intake

We have a meeting with all of the stakeholders on your end to confirm priorities and current challenges in the discovery process. We will schedule the three sessions and I will review my communications schedule to get the team excited and surveys to review progress.

Step Three: Learning

Trainings are held weekly at the same time weeks in a row. I send out surveys after each one and independent exercises your team can use to keep the learning going.

Step Four: Review and Continuing Ed

We use the data to go through where the team did best and measure the change over time. I am available to keep the conversation going with the company branded newsletters, my own content and courses and office hours. Many customers will have a quarterly refresh session as well.

Hear from Happy Teams

A better reality can be yours. Just take it from my clients.

We can't wait to have him back for the next one!

As a leader, taking care of your team is job number one. At LinkSquares, we've got a killer team and their mental health and mindset are paramount to our collective success. Customer Success is tough. Giving the team new tools to help manage the stress (of the job, of hyper growth, of the world) is critical and Ryan Johansen delivered an exceptional workshop yesterday. We can't wait to have him back for the next one!

Jessica Bicknell

VP of CS @ Linksquares

Ryan's session was amazing for me personally

Ryan's session was amazing for me personally as well as made an impact across the organization. Myself and members of my team have been using his techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace and to work more efficiently

Christian McWhinney

Account Manager @ Crisp

Absolutely loved the topics discussed

Great discussion, very helpful. I find it very helpful with topics like this to be "given permission" to advocate for myself - so having someone who's been there validate my feelings and situation while also offering concrete examples of things to try is very valuable to me. Thank you!

Jake Sawyer

CS - Product board

Absolutely loved the topics discussed

Absolutely loved the topics discussed, questions answered and the presentation. Felt so many of the pain points listed and having clear steps to remedy those was massive. Thanks so much!

Brian Grissom

Manager of CS @ Bloomerang

Ryan's training gave me a new perspective in terms of how I plan my day

Ryan's training gave me a new perspective in terms of how I plan my day. Like many, I would always start my day with email and try to sort queries on those threads first before focusing on tasks that potentially required more time and focused work

Ryan O'Neill

Account Manager @Therabody

Ryan's class on stress management has helped me learn to mitigate stress and set boundaries...

Ryan's class on stress management has helped me learn to mitigate stress and set boundaries so I have better work life balance and am able to be more productive and avoid burnout by prioritizing those tasks that are most important

Rebecca Boozan

Senior CSM @ Automox


Do you offer Individual Training?

Yes! I provide one one one coaching and digital products, shoot me an email to learn more

Will it really work?

Yes. I make it a point to collect data and measure progress so you will see qualitative and quantitative benefit. I am so confident, that I offer a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

Four hours is asking a lot, I don’t think we have the time.

I get it, you are busy. But this training will give you at minimum an hour back each week. So while you that’s a 1633% return on your time in just the first year.

Can you travel?

Of Course! I require at least 30 days of notice and charge a flat fee for travel expenses based on location.

Can we do this as one long workshop

Of course! These can be a great way to engage your team as part of an offsite or company kickoff event.

How far do you book out?

I prefer 30 days notice but 2 weeks is my minimum. At this time, I can only take 3 clients per month.

Can we record the sessions

Yes, I share all my materials after class is over. The only thing I ask if that you keep the recordings for your own company use and not broadcast them on public channels.