The ONE thing you need to do that will improve your mental health

The one thing you need to do, is get rid of the idea that doing one thing someone on the internet tells you is going to fix everything.

Anytime I write, I pretend I am talking to myself a few years ago when I was in my darkest days. When I was really struggling, I would hear people say "Oh you need to do this, fixed me right up." Then, I would try it, still feel awful and then get frustrated. What I realize now, is that you need to treat it as a portfolio approach. This is an issue that is deeply individual, so different things work for different people, and that is OK. In my experience, I use a lot of different things, like becoming a carpenter, you learn the tool and after a while, you know what to use in each situation.

So if you are struggling, you aren't alone and you have a lot of options to try. Keep an open mind and try things and see if they help. If they do, keep doing it, if not, kick it to the curb.

Here are 10 things I have found helpful:

  1. Get Professional Help: These people have the training and expertise to help you, people mean well but be careful who you take advice from.
  2. Talk to people with similar experiences: You wont feel alone and you can find out how they cope with the struggles.
  3. Exercise: The science is pretty convincing here, I could go on about the benefits forever, even a 20 minute walk helps.
  4. Meditate: 10 Minutes a day will change your life.
  5. Read: Reading slows things down and lets you learn about anything. I go for a minimum of 10 pages everyday.
  6. Write things down: Difficult thoughts, your to do lists, ideas. This process will help you think more objectively and be less overwhelmed with your thoughts or things you have to do.
  7. Do things you enjoy: You should be doing things you enjoy every week. If you struggle to find something, go back to when you were a kid and do that again. (play legos not eat worms)
  8. See the trend not the data points: It's OK to have off days, weeks or even months. Progress isn't always a straight line, compare yourself to where you started not where you were yesterday if you are in a slump.
  9. Gratitude: Also a lot of evidence backing this tactic. This helps you rewire your brain to see the good in life.
  10. Acceptance: Some parts of life suck. When you get really overwhelmed in things you cant control, you tend to suffer the most. Try to let things go you cant control.

This is my unique experience, take them as suggestions. When I was in the situation, I would try anything so hope this helps.

Always looking for ideas myself, so please share them if you have any.