Counterintuitive Advice for Difficult Times

Some brilliant, but counterintuitive advice that I always lean on in difficult times.

A few years ago my mental health was in the toilet.

Luckily, I had met someone who had gone through the same experience a few months before me.

I would unload on all the things going wrong and how I couldn't keep going on.

Then he gave me the advice I still use all time time.

"Keep your bar low, your goal is just to make it through the day"

I was putting a ton of pressure on myself, feeling like a failure and this sounded like a cop out.

However, what I was doing clearly wasn't working, so I started to give it a shot.

When I made this change, I took a lot of pressure off myself, didn't feel as negative and could slowly focus on quick wins and building some momentum in getting better.

I come back to this advice all the time.

Taking a step back is sometimes the way forward.

So, if you find yourself struggling: Keep your bar low.