Buying Your Team an APP Isn't a Mental Wellness Program

Do we really need more screen time to improve mental health?

Wellness apps are popping up left and right as a solution to avoiding employee burnout. These can be very powerful, and when used consistently deliver great results. This is a great step for companies to take, but without anything else, it will fall short

The  problem with ONLY using this approach: It’s an impersonal solution one of life's most  personal problems.

Here's why "Buying an app and wishful thinking" fall short

  • It keeps people isolated
  • It feels like more work, if you are swamped are you really going to want to spend another half hour in front of a screen
  • People doubt that it will help them because they don't know how the app will specifically help them.
  • It only solves a small part of a major problem

My Approach is different.

  1. Block off an hour and have a session on mental wellness:
    Show this is serious to the company.
  2. Have a person who has overcome mental health issues share their story:
    This brings a human element, showing people that things can get better if they are struggling and helps other employees without this experience gain perspective on this issue.
  3. Let your team know there is an app available: Now that they know what they can get from working on themselves, they are more willing to try it and devote the time to get results.
  4. Keep the conversation going: Have a newsletter, a slack channel or any way to let people connect on this topic and share best practices. Make space for this topic regularly.

This is a human problem that requires a human solution.

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